Offshore Crane Operator Stage 1 – Training Course ONLINE


The aim of the Offshore Crane Operator Stage 1 Training Programme is to provide the delegate with the basic knowledge and skills required for Offshore Crane Operator. This course is designed and suited for all personnel who do not have any previous crane operational experience. This training course is designed to be only in line with OPITO.


  • The course will cover the following topics:
  • Crane basic terminology
  • SWL (safe working loads)
  • Mechanical basic principles
  • Pre-task checklist to carry out
  • Lifting / shifting loads
  • Capacity indicators
  • Stability principles
  • Recognizing hand signals
  • Responding to radio instructions
  • Wire rope introduction
  • Safety at work (risks of hoisted lift)


Participants will achieve fundamental knowledge on the offshore crane operations and accompanied risks with the hoisted lift, which can endanger human life or damage to assets. To ensure role and responsibilities are well understood and all safety implications attached to that role.


Two days


English and Croatian

Items to Bring

National Photographic Identification or Passport, Photo


Trogir, Croatia
Hotel booking assisted for participants living far from Trogir.

Distance learning option

Yes (In Center – Online / Theory live with Instructor)


All participants have to complete a questionnaire in order to obtain the certificate.

Certification – Diploma

All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive certificate of unlimited validity in line with Offshore International Industries guidelines. This Training follows international standards of quality and meets the ISO 9001-2015 requirements.


330 EUR


Contact us by email or fax for registration as an individual or group.