PTW Training (Permit to Work) – Training Course ONLINE



All operations and activities which have initially higher posing risk that can directly compromise safety (established safety procedures) requires permit to work (PTW). Different job types requires different permits to work types followed by proper issuance and closure which will be explained in this course.


  • The course will cover the following topics:
  • Types of work that may require PTW
  • Permit to work types and examples
  • Issuance and preparation of permit to work (structure)
  • Responsible person for issuance of permit to work
  • All involved supervisors and workers in permit to work
  • Importance of displaying permit to work and its validity time
  • Closure of permit to work
  • Stop work policy
  • Safe practices


Participant shall learn which job types requires issuance of permit to work (PTW) and what are the responsibilities of all involved parties (persons in charge). Acquire how to properly fill, issue and close permit to work, how to use and implement stop work policy and safe practices.


One day


English and Croatian

Items to Bring

National Photographic Identification or Passport, Photo


Trogir, Croatia
Hotel booking assisted for participants living far from Trogir.

Distance learning option

Yes (e-learning / online)


All participants have to complete a questionnaire in order to obtain the certificate.

Certification - Diploma

All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive certificate with unlimited validity in line with Offshore International Industries guidelines. This Training follows international standards of quality and meets the ISO 9001-2015 requirements.